The Chitlin Tour Championship

Anthony Miles Wins the 2019 Chiltin Tour

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019 RALEIGH, NC. – A little luck and a lot of love goes a long way… All the way to winning the Chitlin Tour Championship for Anthony Miles! Miles won it in dramatic fashion with a victory (his first) in the last round of the Chitlin Tour’s FedEx playoff at Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Garner. Going into the round, Leon Harris lead 6 other players who were within 270 points of each other. Whoever won the final round most likely would win the tour title. However in Anthony’s case, he had to win the round, outright, with no ties or share of the lead with any other players to win the tour – and that’s exactly what he did by one stroke over Ron Guion. When asked about his narrow victory, he lit a cigar and replied, “Real hustlers know exactly just how much to give you and win by one stroke. I’m not a hustler, just a humble player. But whether you win by one stroke or twenty, winning is winning! Now, let’s drink this cognac and get ready for next season.”

Ron Guion also had a great final round. He dispatched his group, which included Leon Harris to leap from 3rd to 2nd place in the overall tour rankings. However, his final score was not enough to overcome Miles’ net handicap. Guion finished at Eagle Ridge in a furious tie for 2nd.

Congratulations to all the players who participated in and completed the season!

The top 5 finishers at Eagle Ridge were:
1 Anthony Miles
T2 Ronald Guion
T2 Anthony Williams
T2 Bill Cross
T2 Rob Robinson

The final overall Chitlin Tour top 10 power rankings starting 2020:
1. Anthony Miles
2. Ronald Guion
3. Leon Harris
4. Nathan Ray
5. N. Arrington
6. Bill Riddick
7. Rob Robinson
8. Daniel O’Neal
9. Anthony Williams
10. Milton Walker

About that Piece of Hardware in Amps Hands…

Starting in 2020 (the Chitlin Tour’s 10th season), what used to be referred to as “the FedEx Cup” (signifying the 4 – match championship phase of the Chitlin Tour) will have a new name – The Bill Riddick Skills Management Award, or better referenced as the “Skills Cup.”  Bill has been a primary sponsor and benefactor of the tour from the beginning so dedicating the tour’s ultimate prize in honor of him made logical sense. Skills Management, Inc. is the name of Bill’s non-profit foundation that, besides being a primary sponsor of the tour, supports nutritional supplement programming for schools in eastern North Carolina. It exemplifies the player who utilized his resources and assets on the golf course the best during the year.

The Skills Cup comes with a new set of traditions adopted by the tour board:

  • At the conclusion of each season, the tour winner’s name will be inscribed on a gold plate on the base of the trophy with all of the other previous tour champions.
  • The winner of the tour will be formally announced and the cup will be presented to the player for photo op / etc. at the season-end Chitlin Chitlin awards ceremony. The winner will also receive his personal recognition award.
  • The Skills Cup, itself, will reside with the tour’s acting president, until he steps down. The trophy will be transferred to the incoming chair.