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If you are playing golf in the Carolinas, you have come to the right place!

Step 1:Decide if any of the Triangle Golfer tournaments and tours interest you and which ones. Once you register with any of them (through Triangle Golfer’s website), you will be automatically included on Triangle Golfer’s mailing list and newsletter.

Step 2: We recommend buying a membership to Triangle Golfers. Hosting a site is not free or easy. Triangle Golfers’ members receive:

  • The latest golf news, local and national
  • Networked with other players and professionals who share your interests.
  • The ability to join our social media groups and grow your game off the course, as well as on.
  • Access a message board that tell you where matches are and who is playing.
  • Special discounts on travel packages (see below)

Step 3: Triangle Golfers arranges special golf packages and vacations in the N./S. Carolina area. With so many courses to choose from and accommodations to stay, it can be quite overwhelming. We have put together a catalogue of all of our packages, available courses and lodging to help you navigate through your next exciting rounds of coastal Carolina golf. If this is what you are interested in, let’s get started here.