Sponsor Information

Every year there are roughly 140,000 charity golf tournaments worldwide that raise over 2.9 Billion dollars. So, you can see that golf sponsorship is no small thing for contributors and sponsors. Our goal is to find best ways to increase revenue and reduce costs so you can make the biggest difference for your company, cause or non-profit.

You can sponsor golf events or a cause(s) in several ways:

Individual, Business and Corporate tournament sponsorships.
Individual, Business and Corporate tournament sponsorships are coordinated through the Tournament Directors of any given tournament or Tour. Depending on the average donation level of your participants (lower income = about $75; Higher = $250), a typical structure looks like: $250 Hole Sponsors, $500 Lunch or Dinner Sponsor, $1000-$2500 Title Sponsor for lower end and; $1000 Hole Sponsors, $2500 Lunch Sponsor, $5,000 Dinner Sponsor, $10,000 Title Sponsor for higher end events.

Product / Manufacturer / Supplier Sponsorships
Product sponsorships are the best way to get your brand or product out in front of the public, in use. These can be balls, apparel, equipment and any other supporting items of the tournaments or players.

Triangle Golfers at-large sponsors
Not everyone has a specific cause or tournament in mind, but simply wishes to support the game of golf while getting the maximum enjoyment out of it. This is the primary mission of Triangle Golfers by providing a platform for players, clubs and businesses in central North Carolina to network.

A tiered-support at-large sponsorship program will be released soon. If you have additional questions, please contact Triangle Golfers.