Welcome to the Chitlin Classic Golf Tour


– There are 10 regular season matches and 4 FedEx matches. To be eligible to win the tour, a player must play at least 8 regular season matches and all 4 FedEx matches.
– There are 2 divisions: Pros (classified as under age 65) and Master (classified as age 65+).
– Masters (65+) and novice players with a handicap higher than 25 will play from the forward tee.
– All play must occur on day of tour date unless this day conflicts a with a player’s personal schedule (see Conflicts).
– Players with “legitimate pre-determined” personal schedule conflicts may be allowed to play the round at an earlier date.
– 1 of the regular season matches (*Belmont Lakes) will be a 2 man scramble w/ dynamic pairings = new random at the beginning of the match (drawing numbered balls from a jug). The format will be Best Ball. Each team’s score will depend on the average handicaps of the two players. Both team members will receive the maximum points for their day’s finish.
– Out-of-Bounds (White Stakes): Player must go to point of entry into hazard and play from that point plus loss of stroke.
– Balls may be rolled within the fairway – no closer to the hole.
– Play must occur within 7 days after/before original match;
– Player must accompany two (2) other tour players;

2020 Calendar of Matches

Reedy Creek
Pine Hollow
Belmont Lake
River Ridge
The Neuse

Skills Event Matches
Anderson Creek
Chapel Ridge
The Preserve
Eagle Ridge


– Handicaps will be set at the beginning of season.
– Handicaps are re-calculated once after mid-season; and once at the end of the regular season prior to FedEx. If a player does not have 5 past scores, a static handicap is declared until he has completed them.
– 3-stroke maximum (triple bogey) on all holes. Under 3-stroke max rule, the highest a player can shoot is 126 (54 HC).

Sunday evening cutoff of registration prior to the Wednesday of any given match.

If a player is requesting a tee for a guest player or IS NOT playing, post an announcement to the Chitlin Band on or before the Sunday evening prior to the Wednesday of any given match or send an email to

Final pairings, tee times and any adjustments will be posted to the Chitlin communication band and to this page.

You can also visit and ‘LIKE’ the Chitlin Tour on Facebook.